Who we've worked with

Trust is the key to any successful collaboration.

What our long-standing clients particularly appreciate are our short decision-making channels and the speed with which we put plans into practice. With its modest size, Marketing Dynamics is especially skilled at offering reasonably-priced proposals: after all, what any ambition needs most are not big agencies and budgets, but firm focus and commitment.
In the past eight years we have completed some 500 marketing commissions for over 40 companies – and we have been pleased and proud to do so. Below you will find a few concrete examples of our main areas of activity, together with some of the companies that have put their trust in us and/or remain among our valued clients.

External advertising

Effective brand displays in the Business Class Lounges at Zurich Airport.

Internal communications

A positive external message requires effective internal messages, too!

Corporate Identity

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Sponsorship and events

Good planning and organization are vital to any success.

Information publications

Attractive brochures can help sustainably shape public perception.

Corporate Communications

Helping shape perceptions among both customers and employees.

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