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Who we are

Marketing Dynamics AG, which is domiciled in Zurich, was founded by Stephan Beerli in 2007. Acting as a full-service partner, the company offers a wide range of services in the communications and marketing fields.

With its years of practical business experience, Marketing Dynamics has established itself as one of the leading specialists in the aviation and tourism sectors as is reflected in its membership of all the key Swiss and international industry associations.

Marketing Dynamics puts actions before words, offering its clients practical and pragmatic all-in approaches to meet their specific needs. So that good ideas don’t just impress on paper, but deliver the desired results, too. Reliable tailor-made one-stop solutions: that’s the Marketing Dynamics way.

Stephan Beerli

Pacesetter, motivator and the founder and owner of Marketing Dynamics, Stephan Beerli can draw on both a Swiss Federal Diploma in Marketing Management and many years of international experience in the communications sector.

With some 25 years in executive positions at Kuoni, Swissair and Swissport International, with his skills and expertise in sales and communications at both the national and the global level and with his language proficiency in German, English and French, Stephan Beerli brings the highest professionalism and credibility to any task he is assigned.

As a father of two, Stephan Beerli appreciates the vital importance of personal relations, too. A lover of the outdoors, he is also a keen traveller, and has visited 86 countries. The rest of his free time is devoted to hiking, golf, skiing and ice hockey. And he is also actively involved in a number of charities, particularly the Jacaranda organization.